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Procedures & Tests

Procedures and Tests done in our office include:

  • Wart Removal

  • Suture and Staple Removal

  • Vision Screenings

  • Hearing Screening

  • Tympanograms

  • OAE –  Otoacoustic Emissions

Columbia Pediatrics Procedures and Tests: Comprehensive In-Office Services

At Columbia Pediatrics, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your child, conveniently located in our offices in Columbia, TN, and Spring Hill, TN. Our experienced team offers a range of procedures and tests to ensure your child receives the highest quality care without the need to visit multiple facilities.

In-Office Procedures and Tests

To streamline your child’s healthcare experience, we provide the following procedures and tests in our office:

  • Wart Removal: Effective treatment for the removal of warts using safe and proven methods.

  • Suture and Staple Removal: Professional removal of sutures and staples to ensure proper healing and minimal discomfort.

  • Vision Screenings: Comprehensive vision assessments to detect any potential vision problems early.

  • Hearing Screenings: Accurate hearing tests to identify hearing issues and ensure timely intervention.

  • Tympanograms: Diagnostic tests to evaluate the function of the middle ear and detect any possible issues.

  • OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions): Advanced hearing tests that measure the inner ear's response to sound, crucial for detecting hearing impairments in young children.

Why Choose Columbia Pediatrics for In-Office Procedures and Tests?

  • Convenience: All procedures and tests are conducted in our offices, eliminating the need for additional appointments at external facilities.

  • Expert Care: Our skilled pediatricians and healthcare professionals are experienced in performing these procedures and tests with the utmost care and precision.

  • Comprehensive Services: By offering a wide range of in-office procedures and tests, we ensure your child receives complete and efficient care in one location.

  • Comfortable Environment: Our offices are designed to provide a welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere, making procedures and tests as stress-free as possible for your child.

Schedule an Appointment Today

For more information or to schedule an appointment for any of our in-office procedures and tests, please contact our Columbia, TN, or Spring Hill, TN locations. Our dedicated team is here to provide the best care for your child, ensuring their health and well-being.

Columbia Pediatrics - Comprehensive In-Office Pediatric Procedures and Tests

At Columbia Pediatrics, we strive to make your child's healthcare experience as seamless and efficient as possible. Trust us for all your pediatric needs, from routine check-ups to specialized procedures and tests, all under one roof.

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